An Ex-Word of Faith Preachers dissapointment and depature from the Word of Faith movement

***ATTENTION*** Pastor John is NOW SCHEDULED for Jan. 6 @ 7pm central to be the first Special Guest on the RADIO SHOW on BlogTalkRadio @

I can tell John has a heart for helping people. SO if you have any questions, he has agreed to share his story with us and field questions, and I am sure he will share his heart for people and our Lord Jesus also. If you know anyone trapped in the Word of Faith Movement, tell them to call into the show and have a chat with me and Pastor John. TY Damon


Here is a SNEAK preview of a RADIO SHOW I did featuring Pastor Johns audio from this video. TO LISTEN OR DOWNLOAD THE RADIO SHOW click this link


In this video John Edwards, former Word of Faith preacher, Rhema Bible Training Center Graduate, and student of Kennth Haggin, Tells of his experiences, disappointments and departure from the WoF. John blogs daily at


ATTENTION PLEASE: This video is Pastor Johns. But this channel does not belong to him.

I did have the comments section here turned off because I am too busy to get involved in any discussions about the WoF. I would rather be doing apologetics projects. BUT Pastor John and myself would like to know what the viewers think of his video as he is considering doing more. Johns blog is really good. Give it a visit. He has comments turned off over there because of troll flaming. BUT if you would like to contact either of us. PLEASE DO SO in the channels comment board or via youtube messaging.

I am setting the comments to no approval required. BUT will be clearing out all inappropriate comments. Please feel free to approve or disa

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