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How does gratitude draw us closer to Jesus?

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Regarding People Being Raised From The Dead: False Miracles and Lies - A Prophecy from GOD

Regarding People Being Raised From The Dead: "False Miracles and Lies" - A Prophecy from GOD

Hear The Words of The LORD God of Heaven and Earth Given to THIS Generation @:">


NO MAN shall raise the dead, save I live in that man! And NO account, of one raising the dead in My name, is true, save it was given them by Me to do so. Or have you never read in the Scriptures, "It was I who had done it!"?

I tell you the truth, this time is very near,
Yet it has not come, says The Lord...

For I have indeed raised the dead through My servants,
In various times past, and I shall do so again...

Yet the time is not yet.

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