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A Heart of Gratitude
When do you find it most difficult to maintain a posture of gratitude?

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Freed from Tithing, Free to Give - Part 1 of 4

This series is based on a ten-part blog series ( The Bible has a lot to say about tithing and giving (much more than just Malachi!) so I didn't want to just skim things over. I wanted to give better attention to what the scriptures actually say.

In Part 1 we discuss the pre-law tithes of Abraham and Jacob and we talk about the foolishness of taking scriptures out of context, which in my opinion is the only way to teach tithing in a New Covenant context. In Part 2 we look at the Old Testament tithing laws (which again, are MANY, not just Malachi) and we see how they just don't fit into the New Covenant. In Part 3 we look at the few New Testament mentions of tithing (which were not instructions for Christians). In Part 4 we look at what giving looks like when people are truly "Freed from Tithing" and "Free to Give."

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