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Rev. Raf's: The ABSOLUTE TRUTH about TITHING! What the Bible REALLY says.

This is the famous UNEDITED and EXTENDED version of series taught by Rev. Rafielle Usher, M.A. You will learn the absolute Biblical facts about WHAT THE BIBLE REALLY SAYS about tithing. When you are done with this study, you will know:
1. The origin
of the tithe
2. The original intent of the tithe.
3. The purpose of the tithe.
4. The proper beneficiaries of the tithe.
5. Those who are exempt from the tithe.
and much much more!

This teaching video is NOT intended for anyone to use as an excuse NOT to give to God work, via missions or the local church. Do NOT put words in my mouth. If I don't say it, do not assume I meant it. If you have questions, just ask. I'm not a mean person who will Bible bash you. I welcome questions and comments. -raf(at)

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