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Have you received the freedom God has provided through the blood of His Son?

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WITTS SkyBike Description !!

World Improvement Through The Spirit Ministeries is a Non-profit Christian Ministry That has been around for close to 200 years. They have Advanced Technologies and are currently raising funds to mass-produce them. These MEN-OF-GOD put there lives on the line everyday to help bring the amazing technologies talked about in the video into reality. Please Donate to the ministry , I do and I have been greatly Blessed. Sir Timothy Thrapp is the spokesman for the ministry . He gives motivational teachings on the power of God every wed, live on

These are REAL WORLD SOLUTIONS. This is not FAKE, This is not a hoax. These are real men of God with real solutions to every problem in your life. Please Visit and watch the Advanced Technology Teaching Archive. Then Request a consultation. I promise you will be blessed.

Just think , Skybike , Skywell, Bagless garbagecan, Flying Truck , Clean-Up Landfills, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD.

Praise him , and may God Bless you.

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