King Solomon's Wealth from Overseas

The Lord was pleased with Solomon's reply and was glad that he had asked for wisdom. So God replied, "Because you have not asked for a long life or riches for yourself or the death of your enemies- I will give you what you have asked for! I will give you a wise and understanding mind such as no one else has ever had or will ever have! And I will also give you what you did not ask for- riches and honor! No other King in the whole world will be compared to you for the rest of your life!" (1 King 3: 10-12). The Lord is merciful and gracious, he is slow to anger and full of unfailing love. The King had a fleet of trading ships that sailed with Hiram's fleet. Once every three years the ships returned. loaded down with gold, silver. ivory, apes ( 1 King 10: 22).

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