Standing In Defense of the Gospel - Will You Stand With Paul?

From The Food For Thought Series by John W Baker. Today it is rare to hear the Gospel of the Grace of God preached to the lost. Yet this is the gospel by which we must be saved today.
The enemy has attacked the gospel from all sides and angles today and has substituted a FALSE gospel that does not and cannot save men from their sins. He has introduced works into the process and wants people to believe they must do something other than trust that "Christ died for our sins".
Many times people are told they must be water baptized, repent and confess their sins or pray some non-scriptural prayer called the Sinner's prayer not found in the Bible itself.
Our Apostle, Paul, stood in the defense of the gospel given to him, are you willing to do the same today? If you answered yes please leave a comment saying you will be faithful and stand in defense of the the Gospel of the Grace of God (Acts 20:24).

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