Today's Devotional

The Kingdom We Long For
What makes you most desperate for the fullness of God’s kingdom to arrive?

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This is my testimony. It has to do with hurt and going through hurtful situations in life and how God helped me through them. everyone that watches this i hope and pray that God will use this and what i went through to help anyone that has went through any hurt and is going through any hurtful situations or anyone that has been hurt in the past or has been through any hard situations in their life. I give all the glory to God because if it was not for Him i would not be the person i am today.
I want everyone to know that God loves each and everyone one of you.He has an awesome plan for your just have to open your heart to Him and have a willing heart.Anything we go through in life has to pass through God first.there is a lot of things in life we will never understand.
When we do face hurtful situations and hard times in our life they are not to tear us down or to break us but to build us up and make us stronger.God uses things that we have faced for His glory.

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