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This was inspired by two of our favorite youtubers:
Strawburry17 (Meghan) and Vpand4life (Andrew)

This was a shortened version of a blog entry.
For more blog entries like this one, check out Izzie's blog

Here are the ORIGINAL words:

"As I type this right now, I'm wondering what my life would be like if I had not come to Christ. Pretty sure I'd be a total mess. In fact, I'm pretty sure I would be a completely different person. I've realized recently that there is nothing in the whole wide-world that is more important to me then The Savior, Jesus Christ. I've also re-realized that I'm a sinner.

Because of God's love he gave us free will,
and with us being Humans and all,
well...we chose sin over a glorious God.
Now, I say "re-realized" because I kind of forgot about it. Sounds weird I know, but once I started following past was erased.
More like washed away by the blood of Christ.
Everyday I thank God for this.

He loves us so much th

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