You Must Be Born Again Again Part 1

If you are reading this we can assume you have had a birthday with subsequent time passing.
If all there was to being human was physical existence then once born is logical - There has never been a person who was physically born again twice outside of some very unusual birth process. I am confident that one physical birth per person is true because if there was such a person with multiple births they would have appeared on Oprah, Maury, Nova or a host of other popular shows.
However, Christianity teaches that people need to be "Born Again" (It was Jesus who insisted) because people are more than mere physical existence - you know they idea that we are merely complex chemical processes within our body. Christianity puts forth the concept of Spirit. The teaching is that we are not just a physical body but in fact that body holds our spirit man/woman. What some call a soul depending on who you are talking with.
It is that part of you that feels eternal.

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