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Makoma - Yo Ozali

Makoma is a Kora Award winning Gospel Group. The won as Gospel Act the Kora Award as Best Group in 2002 of Africa.
Now they are back with there new Album Evolution.

Short translation of the 1st half of the song:


yo ozali mokonzi na ngai

(You are my king)

yo ozali Nzambe ye yeye

(You are the Lord yeyeye)

moko te ya mokili oyo,ezali yo,ezali yo

(nobody of this world,it is you,oh it’s you)


yeye yeye yeye, yo ozali Nzambe

(yeye yeye yeye, You are the Lord)

mokonzi ya mokili oyo,yo ozali nzambe yeye ye

(the king of this world,you are the Lord yeye yey)

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