Unsaved Movie Review 13: Death to Smoochy

Some viewers of previous Unsaved Movie Reviews may have at one point said "All you do is give adult audienced films a thumbs down" or "I bet you're one of those guys who only gives thumbs up to Christian based films", well that's not true. Not only did I give a few thumbs up in some of my other reviews, but for this edition of An Unsaved Movie Review I give Death to Smoochy a complete endorsement. Sure there is a bit of swearing, but ignoring that this is actually a pretty good movie plotwise, good acting, and good morals being promoted here. I really like this movie even if there are some parts which seem weird at first.

Death To Smoochy trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tX81TTs2poI

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The God Who Will Come
How does Jesus’ promise to come to you again speak into your fears or loneliness? How is He present with you even as you wait for Him to return?

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