If your tax home is located in a different country, AND you pass the bona fide residence test - you can exclude a certain amount of FEI and also an amount for foreign housing. Your FEI is limited to your foreign earned income minus the housing exclusion. Your FEI amount for 2010 is $91,500, OR if you and your spouse both work abroad, $183,000. However, there are at least some incentives to getting hitched.You are considered to have earned income in the year you did the work, wether or not you are actually paid. An exception to this is the year-end payroll period. To qualify for a year-end payroll period you must have all 4 of the following:The payment is made during a normal payroll period. The payroll time must include the very last day of the tax year which is normally 12/31 if you pay on a calendar year schedule. The payroll time period must be shorter than sixteen days. The payroll payment should always arrive before the ending of the next payroll period.

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