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Looking Back
What steps can you take to help you remember what God has instructed?

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Road to Bethlehem

this was a presentation done in my backyard, by teens, as a community service project. These kids gave up every saturday in dec to tell the Christmas story....
we had travelors, telling us that they had met a young couple, ( mary and joseph) who were on their way to bethlehem,, but shared a nights fire with them. we had a lepor that we stopped to help, and he spoke about a couple who had shared their food with him,,,, we came across an innkeeper, who told us that she lead a young couple to a stable on the side of the hill, she told us they were very tired,and she hoped they were ok...then we over heard people of bethlehem talking of bright lights out on the hill side,, they were concerned for the shepherds...
and we went to the hill side to find angels coming out declaring,,"Glory in the highest"...and told us to 'go find him, go adore him,,,,and off we went to find the star,, and the stable, and a young couple, with a new baby,,, resting,.. but with a story of having been very scared, but knowing all the time,,, that God had planned all their days...and ,, ending with a chance to witness to others what they had seen, and closing prayer,, Thank you God , for this child ...amen

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