Today's Devotional

Testing for Truth
Is the Bible the highest source of authority in your life?

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Poem Video "SERIOUSLY" Written By Timothy Jon Barrett

I Seriously hope that this poem rnwill be taken very Seriously. So many of us rngo through life making excuses why we can't or rnwon't serve God. We need to Seriouslyrnget our perogatives in order, with the first onernbeing God! These feeble attempts of avoidingrnGod will Seriously come to a head whenrnjudgment day is at hand. And all those days yournspent Seriously contemplating doing rightrnbut only Seriously doing wrong, will comernback to haunt you when God Almighty says tornyou at the gates of Heaven..."You SeriouslyrnCan Not Enter"! Come On..GET SERIOUS!!