Apostolic Voice of Reformation

A message from Chief Apostle Dr. Eric vonAnderseck speaking to the church about the importance of understanding stewardship. The Apostolic Seal of Christ is the mark of His excellence, which is the seal of our faith. The sanctification of Christ is in the steward to charge the church to carry the true traditions of Christ and remain within the restrictions of the covenant and to grow in Him by their priesthood. The record which the Father put within Christ is the spiritual key that must be put within your heart and by this knowledge He is your Shepherd. Apart from this key, this knowledge, and this stewardship Jesus is not your Shepherd. The sign of Christs sanctification is a sign that will be spoken against by those who choose to build faith with the stones of Solomons temple, but embraced by those who choose to build faith with the living stones of Christ. The Lord is now reforming mans thinking and a whole new nation is being born of Him through this stewardship and priesthood. Please be in prayerful consideration of this vital message.

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