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Careful Living
What does “careful living” look like in your life?

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The heavens declare what God's artists know ...

God is revealing Himself and the mysteries of His kingdom by way of His creative purposes.
The purpose of the Hubble Satellite was to photograph images of the unknown. The internal components of the Hubble were made to reproduce the images in outer space; which is now confirming and reinforcing the knowledge of God and His creation.
God's artists have also been serving to confirm and reinforce God's creation. By faith, they are receiving the mystery of the Creator within them, and by obedience, they are producing the unseen, through dreams, visions, and revelation ...
God's "light and sound" in expanse of the heavens, is being evidenced by both the external images of the Hubble and the internal images of God's artists, in and through the order of creation.

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