Pt2 The Excellency of Apostolic Stewardship

In part 2 of the 5 part series on The Excellency of Apostolic Stewardship, Apostle JoAnne Cremer comments on a recent Paula White show where White demonstrates vainglory, and teaches how Christ�s standard of faith has been reset to many venues of human excellence, such as scholastic excellence, aspirational excellence, financial excellence, signature excellence, cultural excellence and relationship excellence. Apostle JoAnne shows how this exemplifies sin, and how this escapes the notice of the Church because they have embraced the Doctrine of the Nicolatines, through Life Coach gospels that center pursuing righteousness on designing one�s life by the power of the imagination, pursuing temporal things, and benchmarking God�s favor by the gain of the esteem and riches of the world. A timely apostolic word of reproof that also gives strong hope and direction to the Church by showing how true apostles help the Church come into the joy and fullness of Christ by resetting the value of faith to the simple terms, tools and priesthood of the New Covenant for the gain of the eternal riches of Christ to the soul for the hope of His glory to become a living reality. For a full and free education to the New Covenant, we invite you to enroll at the Apostles� Center International School of Ministry. Our education will equip you to be a successfully functioning royal priest to God, how to daily offer the spiritual sacrifices of faith that please God perfectly, how to grow and mature in the reality of Jesus Christ, have rich and intimate fellowship with the Father, overcome sin, be holy as God is holy, and to train you to one of

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