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Dr. Nasir, Muslim Businessman�s Journey from Islam to Christ

In the 1980s, Dr.Nasir K. Siddiki was an extremely successful Muslim businessman by secular world standards. He raised millions of dollars in revenue for companies worldwide. As a seminar speaker, he attracted crowds of up to ten thousand, who came to listen and learn about his keys to success. <br />
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Having achieved his dream of financial success, he drove expensive cars and lived in luxurious homes. For years he accomplished great feats and set performance records in marketing and sales. <br />
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Then one day, Nasir was suddenly diagnosed with shingles - a deadly virus that attacked his nervous system. It was a life threatening situation for which there was no cure at the time. The doctors gave Nasir no hope, so in desperation he cried out to God. This is how Nasir met Jesus the Healer and Saviour, and his life changed forever.<br />
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After he has experienced this miraculous recovery, Nasir has been dedicated to teaching biblical success principles to audiences worldwide through seminars, church services, and monthly teaching tapes. His tapes and books are currently distributed in 29 countries. <br />
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His wife Anita was also supernaturally healed from an incurable disease, Multiple Sclerosis. Together, they conduct healing crusades in churches across the country, resulting in thousands of miracle testimonies.<br />
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