A simple invitation

"The Eye that Frames the Picture and edits the video is the Hand of the Writer's Pen." This a simple invitation from An ushakeable Kingdom and the untidy, rumpled and torn state of a princess.Perhaps one of the most beautiful passages in all the scriptures is the song of adoration that comes from the lips of the Shulamite in Song of Solomon 5:10-16. Arising out of her heart after a long journey of spiritual growth, including a dark night of wounding and despair, these scriptures proclaim the beauty of the King like no other. Making this video was a small attempt to express my journey and growth as I fell in love with the King of Kings and this video is myself expressing my heart as I grasp at comprehending the glory of the man, Christ Jesus. The love of the fathers heart for the bride of Christ is the focus. That Gods love is developing us. An emerging joy centered in the beauty of the Lord Jesus has given rise to a fresh passion to know Him deeply, and to see His bride come to her place of identity and destiny in the knowledge of the Brdiegroom. My cry to God is to guard the purposes of my heart and the Golden purpose of our celebration! A letter written out on January 1 2005 to God from me the untidy, rumpled and torn princess ... after a long seperation and difficult divorce ... Once a courageous brave woman who could barely stand to look Him in the eye, His love, His mercy and His knowing the matters of my broken heart. I put on a golden gown that fell to the floor. I danced and cried and laughed in worship to God. Her there was a simple invitation.

We start with a list of things we HOPE to have happen in our life. Even the small things can give you a glimmer of hope. A flower, a smile of your child, a sunset. We start with those things and write about what is in our heart. Get in touch with our inner self and give passion to our hopes and dreams. No, the prince and the princess do not always end up staying together. The frog is not alw

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