-:::{Million Voices-Final Fantasy VII}:::-

oo1------------------------------------<br />
Hello, Final Fantasy. Long time no see!<br />
oo2------------------------------------<br />
Yes, I have finally created a non-KH music video.<br />
oo3------------------------------------<br />
Constructive criticism is appreciated.<br />
oo4------------------------------------<br />
I couldn't help but think of the opposing sides in Final Fantasy VII when I was listening to this on my ipod. At the time of editing, I failed to have the AC clips. My apologies on that.<br />
oo5------------------------------------<br />
Song: Million Voices<br />
Artist: BarlowGirl<br />
Album: How Can We Be Silent<br />
Program used: WMM<br />
Clip Source: bluelaguna.net<br />
oo6------------------------------------<br />
Disclaimer: PURELY FANMADE. I do not own Final Fantasy or the music used in this music video. Copyright infringement was not intended.

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