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You Have Enough
How can you offer God your best today?

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The Rule of the Beast

Is God preparing the world for the rule of the Beast? With the world reeling from current economic, food, and energy crises and the top economic powers scrambling to head off a plunge into global depression, who is the man God assigned to come forth as a healer of the nations. <br />
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In this video Apostle Eric rehearses some of the events of the book of Revelation: Gods open chastisement of the earth for mans indifference towards Him; the trumpets plagues of chapter 8 and 9; the tsunamis wherein a third of the worlds ships are destroyed when the asteroid hits the ocean; the release of the demon locusts.<br />
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In chapter 16, instead of God smiting one third of the earth He smites the entire earth with the 7 vial judgments. God judges the human race for preferring their aspiration over faith and for choosing the beast as their leader rather than Christ. They provoked Him to jealousy by their abominations and the Lord now sends forth His angels to pour out His fury upon the earth.<br />
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Apostle Eric further brings out that the beast is the very hub and industry of false knowledge and it is his culture that is bringing the wrath of God upon the earth because he refuses the culture of God and is keeping man looped to his culture of death.<br />
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Finally, Apostle Eric also addresses this question, Why is man digging in the earth to try to find a memorial of his existence. He states, That which springs of the soil lies to the intellect, but that which proceeds from the throne of God is truth. Where will you be when God blows out the candle of mans aspiration.

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