FOR THIS REASON is message by Dr. David Sheppard, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of St. Charles, Mo. Based on John 12:23-36, he explains Jesus' primary purpose. Introduction: How many people have a clear understanding about their unique purpose in life -- why am I here? Jesus knew exactly why He was here. His primary purpose was not to give us self-esteem, or to turn us into positive thinkers, or to be a great moral teacher, or example, or to lead a spiritual or political revolution, to give how-to seminars, to help us feel good, or to do miracles. Instead, his primary purpose was that he was born to die. He died to pay the penalty for sin. He was the fulfillment of all the Old Testament pictures of sacrifice. He knew who He was -- the Son of God. He knew what He was to do -- to die on the cross. He knew the results -- salvation for us. When we understand that the primary purpose of Jesus was to reconcile us to God through His death and resurrection, then we can experience the secondary benefits that flow from that relationship. For more about FBCSC, go to

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