Table Grace (Catholic Praise & Worship Song)

This song, Table Grace, contains three classic prayers before meals. If you know who wrote these songs, please let me know! Thanks for listening to, and praying with, these songs! More songs based on traditional Catholic prayers will be uploaded in the future...


(refrain) Bless us oh Lord, for these thy gifts, which we are about to receive,
from thy bounty, from thy bounty, through Christ our Lord, Amen,
1. We give thee thanks almighty God, for all thy benefits,
Who livest and reignest, world without end, Amen,
2. Vouchsafe Oh Lord to reward, with eternal life,
all those who have done us good, for thy Name's sake Amen,
(bridge) And may the souls of the faithful departed,
through the mercy of God,
and may the souls of the faithful departed,
rest in peace, Amen!

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