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ROOTS concerto for guitar and orchestra (3 of 3)

'Roots,' the first Ecuadorian concerto for guitar and orchestra was written and premiered by the composer, Ecuadorian Carlos Bonilla Chávez, in 1987. On May 31st 1996, 'Roots' was re- premiered at the Teatro Politécnico in Quito-Ecuador where it was performed by the classical guitarist, Fabian Carrera and the National Symphony orchestra, under the baton of Russian conductor Andrei Vasilevsky,
Capturing the essence of the Ecuadorian indigenous peoples and their music; 'Roots,' creates a unique blend of the traditional three movement concerto format to Ecuadorian: rhythms, themes and modes.

3. Presto: Fastest of the three movements, this duple metered, portrayal of the union between the mestizo and the indigenous cultures of the Shyris Indians is depicted by the use of an echo-response dialogue between guitar and orchestra. Ironically, the Ecuadorian wartime rhythm of Danza is utilized by the composer for this pentatonic E-minor finale of unity.

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