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Looking Back
What steps can you take to help you remember what God has instructed?

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The Treasure of Israel

What ever happened to the treasures of Herod's Temple? Their fate is shrouded in mystery….

Former art historian Michael Grammaticus, Jr. has inherited an ancient and dangerous secret-and it seems he is the last to know! When his parents are killed under suspicious circumstances, he travels to Rome to investigate, and the clues lead him to a fascinating world of ancient art, medieval manuscripts, and a dangerous mix of religion and international politics. Descended from an endless line of Greek scholars, he can't resist being drawn into their cryptic world, and soon the same relentless forces that destroyed his father begin to hound Michael as well. He discovers not only that his father had been an outspoken advocate for Palestinian Christians, but also that one of his ancestors was the bearer of a secret that continues to haunt his family-- a riddle regarding the whereabouts of the coveted treasure of Herod's temple. This journey of discovery also becomes one of faith, as the cynical and disillusioned Michael undergoes a harrowing tribulation that leads him not only to the reasons for his father's death, but also to something far greater than the temple treasure itself.

A delight for lovers of fiction, art and ancient history-- and anyone who ever wondered what really happened to that treasure!

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