Today's Devotional

Looking Back
What steps can you take to help you remember what God has instructed?

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Are You A Aint or A Saint PT1

Plant a seed in this teleconference today. One Church Ministry is a support mechanism to the physical church. We have a full and complete church service via telephone. At the end of each service we open the doors of the church and immediately secure our
participants with a local church. We exist solely by your donations. We believe that if the church grows, so does the kingdom. God Bless you in advance Pastor Andru Kelly Please make all checks payable to: One Church Ministries P.O. Box 110541 Cleveland, Ohio
44111 Or PAYPAL All donations are tax deductible Conference (507) 726-4200 Code 167983# Mondays-Friday 12:00Noon Monday Friday 8:00PM