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Intentional Defiance
Be encouraged by a God who is with you to discipline and lead you away from wrong turns.

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The Chimney Intruder Song

The Chimney Intruder Song by AngeWalker


Well, obviously, we have a green guy in Whoville Park

He’s climbin’ down yo chimney/Snatchin’ yo stockings up/Tryin’ to steal ‘em/So y’all need to/Hide yo sweets/Hide yo gifts/Hide yo sweets/Hide yo gifts/Hide yo sweets/Hide yo gifts/And hide yo eggnog/Cuz he’s takin’ everthang out here/You don’t have to come/Give it back/We lookin’ for you/We gon find you/We gon find you/So you can run and tell that/Run and tell that/Run and tell that/Homeboy/Home/Home/Homeboy

We got yo red hat/You done left fingerprints and all/You are so dumb/You are really dumb/For real/You are really, really, really, really, really so dumb/I was attacked by some idiot in the projects/So dumb/So dumb/So dumb/So


Lyrics by Ange Walker
Inspired by “The Bed Intruder Song” by Antoine Dodson & The Gregory Brothers

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