Enoch The Righteous

The book of Enoch is full of information about fallen angels. Questions people have today about end times, the Antichrist, UFOs, aliens, ghosts, giants, demons, fallen angels, the fall of mankind, Satan's war against God, questions about ancient myths, sorcery, gods and goddesses, the hope of paradise, are all answered by God Himself in the book of Enoch.

Second 8th Week Ministries is pleased to present the complete expounding on the books of Enoch by Apostle Eric vonAnderseck. It is indeed a privilege to have available his library of concise commentary for they are rich with the kinds of teaching one would expect from an apostle.

The righteous do not have a problem embracing the word of God through the prophet Enoch for there are no contradictions to the plan of God. It is not God's will to hide the books of Enoch, but to bring them out into the light that mankind would again take hope in the true God and the unfolding of His plan through our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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