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What’s the relationship between upending and grace?

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Seal of Jesus Christ (Not the Star of David)

Mystery of the Star (Not the Star of David - which is the symbol of the State of Israel): Seal of Jesus Christ ironically has the likeness of the Star of David however it consists of the Number of God =7 [Rev] Number of Christ =42[Matt 1:17] Number of Man = 6 [Rev] Six categories of 7 in the book of Revelation - before the Lord's return. I believe this Seal, which I discovered accidentally, just separating the inner core of the star, 9 months after design, I learned the knowledge of the Seal; could this be a Seal of Love and Proclamation of Christ's ownership of the Earth which was first given to Adam : Seeing that Christ became man and remain God - and overcame the Evil one; This Seal could also be a Warning to mankind that the Messiah shall return again to all of mankind with a Sword and Grace which ever we choose - every man from every nation.)

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