Three Must-See Stories of Faith and Forgiveness

Sky Angel TV’s On Demand library has recently added three new films produced by WisenQuest – Overcome, Belle and the Beast and Island of Grace. Overcome is based on the story of the conversion of the Apostle Paul. Sara has the chance to be chosen for an elite summer tennis program, but her hopes are dashed unexpectedly by Colton, a teen in her school who is known for giving no one respect. Colton must find a way to prove to everyone – especially to Sara – that he's changed. Belle and the Beast is a classic romantic tale retold. Eric Landry is a cold-hearted man that people have nicknamed "the Beast." Belle Watson is the exact opposite. Belle agrees to work for Eric in an effort to repay him and save her father's job. Will she find the man within the Beast? Island of Grace is about a fight for survival and forgiveness of three individuals. Megan has strayed from the faith. Mark can't understand it. When their plane crashes on a remote island, they rediscover grace. Dove approved.

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