After fire, members of Greater St. Stephen vow to rebuild 07:40 PM CDT on Monday, July 7, 2008 Scott Satchfield / Eyewitness News Early Monday a fire at a Central City church left 7000 thousand members searching for a new place to worship. Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Baptist First battled Hurricane Katrina, and now this, but members say that they will rebuild. Firefighters arrived at the church shortly after 2:30 am Some of the church administrators got the call a short time later. "We drove up to a number of fire trucks and ambulances here, a lot of black smoke coming out of the church," Brandon Boutin said, who says he was raised here, and, for him, the situation is overwhelming. "This church has been an anchor in the community for 70-plus years and, even after the storm, it’s been more, just a sign of hope for so many people," Boutin said. But the challenges ahead will be huge for congregation. Many of the church waited outside while their leader, Bishop Paul Morton, toured the building. Pews inside were destroyed, so is the altar, leaving an uncertain future. Church members have been surveying the damage, and while they don’t know what will become of this facility, they say they’re confident the church’s mission will continue. Members came by in large numbers, including Congressman William Jefferson, the most well-known member of the church, who stopped by to led his support. "The church has had a significant role in our community and I believe it will continue to <b>...</b>

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