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Shameless Persistence in Prayer
What prayer of yours has seemed to be unanswered for a while?

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Hillsong - Hosanna acoustic cover

Better quality at
This is my cover of Hillsongs Hosanna. Hosanna means save (me) and is an old Jewish word used in the context with their waiting for their messiah.
I just got a new microphone, and I think the sound is just amazing (this also being to a very reasonable price xD )
I had a slight cold, but I guess it doesn't affect to much =)
The chords are (attention, I use open strings):
Intro: C#m, E, F#m, Abm
Verse: E, C#m, F#m, Abm (B)
Chorus: Abm, A, B, C#m / A, C#m (B), B (C#m)
Bridge: A, B, E, C#m / A, B, C#m - A, B, E, C#m / A, B, A, B

Enjoy, greetings Jakob

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