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Astounding God
How do you typically view God in your mind?

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Are You Rapture Ready?

Are you going to be ready when Jesus comes back to rapture the saints and His church? Will you be left behind? Or will you be part of the bride that will enter into the eternal kingdom of God and be with Him forever? Those who will be raptured are those
who are truly born again, not just clinging onto a title or just go to church every Sunday without a true relationship with Jesus. These will be the overcomers that Jesus talked about in the book of Revelation who will sit with Him on His throne. We can actually
prepare ourselves to be ready for the coming of Jesus. And if we keep our robes clean, without spot and without wrinkle, then we will be raptured by Jesus and then later return with Him in His second coming to rule and judge the earth! This is exciting stuff!
So my prayer is that you will make yourself ready so that you will have confidence to see Him on that day. For more videos, check out:

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