Make Your Home In Me

Written by Tim Monte Calvo. This is a live recording made at a benefit concert for two local missionaries raising money to go on a mission to Harlem, New York. Lyrics: Make Your Home in Me, Chorus: Make Your home in me dear Lord, Help me to obey Your Word, I want to be with you every second, every hour of every day, Would You invade my life with your presence and your Spirit of Life, With the power to do what is right so I can follow you.
You said,"I’m in my father He’s in Me and I’m in you, You’ll have peace the world can not give when you come to know the Truth, Chorus.
Don’t let your hearts be troubled when I say I’m going away, I’ll be coming back again after I prepare you a place. Chorus.
I live in a world that keeps on tearing me away, There are times that I will fall and that is why I pray. Chorus.

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