Look Up - Tye Tribbett & GA featuring Kierra Kiki Sheard Live

"Look Up" by Tye Tribbett & GA featuring Kiki Sheard Pressure everyday, feels like its never going away but still somehow, in the back of my head, I hear "its gonna be okay" It gets so hard tryin to make it through life it seems true happiness is nowhere in sight try to handle all by myself but i know i need some help you see my heart getts heavy i cry so much i feel like im crazy and everything that could go wrong does all at one time tell me when will i see the sunshine thats when i heard a promise to me God will supply all of my needs i believe every word is true so i know what i got to do Look up- God will come through, but now you gotta Look up- I know it’s been rough, but hey you gotta Tears in your eyes just look to sky And you’ll find out He was there all the time "Hold On" by Tye Tribbett & GA Every little thing is gonna be alright Weeping can only last one night You gotta endure till the morning sun You gonna win the race but you have to run Trouble can never last always Looks like I can see a brighter day My brother, if you could just hold on The Lord is gonna make a way I know Every little thing is gonna be alright. -- If you like this video, support Tye’s ministry by buying his DVD. It has over 4 hours of footage and extended versions of all the songs. (www.amazon.com

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