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A Little Farther
Do you hear much about lament in your local church?

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Words of Life GREEK Christian Movie Trailer

This is: Words of Life GREEK People/Language Movie Trailer c03790 [c03790t]

Other names for this language are: Ellinika, Graecae, Grec, Greco, Neo-Hellenic, Romaic

This language is spoken in: Albania (ShqipÃ�«ria), Australia, Cyprus (Kypros, Ã��Ã��Ã��Ã��Ã�¿Ã��, KÃ�±brÃ�±s), Egypt (MiÃ��r or MaÃ��r, Ã��Ã�µÃ�±), Greece (Hellas, Ã��Ã�»Ã�»Ã�¬Ã��, Ellada, Ã��Ã�»Ã�»Ã�¬Ã�´Ã�±), Italy (Italia), Romania (RomÃ�¢nia), Turkey (TÃ

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