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Many of us hear of children starving overseas looking where their next meal will come. Many of us want to help but wonder is our money being used directly for the children to make a difference or rather for administration costs and various middlemen. I, having visited the Philippines and making direct contacts with pastors and people, am making it my mission to make a difference for the Filipino people directly in a positive way.

My goal is to bring the good in America to show the world that together we have heart and comp^[email protected]#ion raising funds to feed the poor both physically and spiritually. I will share three examples of this I experienced in Mindano. The first is in Butuan where I visited a church that was barely standing amidst a parking lot that was formerly a sewer. I go into the building and a lady comes to me and says, “Sir, is there any way you could get us some Sunday School materials?” I felt great guilt and comp^[email protected]#ion as I learned they aren’t asking for money or even new Sunday School materials, but rather our leftovers. Speaking of leftovers, I also visited Ca#@^an de Oro. There in a home I saw what it means when my mother would say there are people starving overseas. In a home in Ca#@^an, I saw leftover food on the table waiting for the next time the family sits to eat as they will not waste food. They had offered some to me, but needless to say I was not hungry in more ways than one. The 3rd example is while I was in Gingoog City. While there I was able to meet a neighborhood family. We played basketball and walked all around with the children and adults getting to know one another. Then I invited a group for supper. They were bashful, but accepted. I fed about a dozen people for an amount of 212 pesos and with the food leftover some asked if they could take home, and I said certainly. They never stopped thanking me for my great generosity still today. Ju

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