The Price by Leon Newton

The Price is a one-act play about an arrogant millionaire who neither
believes in God nor accepts Jesus Christ's salvation. The millionaire
refuses to accept the fact that he is in hell because he deserves to be there. He insists that his paperwork must have been misplaced or mixed
up with someone else's and that God has made a mistake. In an effort
to convince the millionaire that there has been no paper mix-up and that
hell is where he belongs, Satan calls upon other residents of hell to tell
the millionaire why they are there.

Leon Newton is an award-winning author and university professor. His
published works include the plays Titus: The Tragic Death of an Emperor
and What If. His book, Terrorism 101: A Library Reference And Selected
Annotated Bibliography, was a Barnes & Noble bestseller for two weeks. He is a member of the Dramatist Guild of America, Author League of America, Christian Writers Association, and Christian Writers Guild.

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