Unreserved Love - From the creator "God"

Happy International Children's Day [June 1, 2008] <br />
In conjunction with the International Children's Day, a special occasion for children all over the world with or without their parents&acirc;�� presence. It was celebrated across China including the recently earth quake hit Sichuan Province. Children in this quake hit province, they're over-joy themselves and seem to have forgotten what had happened to them just 18 days ago. Opportunity for them to celebrate come once a year with or without parents are not important to them, why not make full use of the day to mark the joyous occasion by singing, dancing, giving flowers, gifts &amp; presents and also receive kisses from parents. Children are such a happy bunch of kids even the 8.0 magnitude quake did not shake them, they full of energy and enthusiasm, who could stop them for celebration. Let's remember those children and people who vanished in quake-hit areas; bless them &amp; rest in peace; God&acirc;��s Blessing go to those injured, handicapped survivors and orphans. Let them be strong physically &amp; emotionally. <br />
500 stars attend charity performance in Hong Kong<br />
500 strong Hong Kong actors, singers and entertainers, with participations from Taiwan, Mainland China , International and audiences mourned for the quake victims and injured, handicapped survivors in the May 12 massive 8.0 magnitude earth quake. During a charity performance held in Hong Kong, on June 1, 2008. More than 500 famous regional pop stars and celebrities attended the gala performance named &quot;artistes 5.12 fund raising campaign&quot; on Sunday officially kicked at 14:28 pm at West Kowloon, Hong Kong. International pop idols like Andy Lau, Jackie Chan and many famous canto pop stars, Taiwanese and Chinese singers with other actors during a charity performance held in Hongkong, on J

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