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Todd Bentley: Messenger of God? part 4

Todd Bentley has been a leader in the &quot;Lakeland Revival&quot; currently being heralded as a great move of God. Analysis of Bentley and what he preaches show that he is not what he claims and this &quot;revival&quot; is not what it seems.<br />
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The analysis this video provides is in relation to the similarities between this &quot;revival&quot; and experiences with Kundalini among it's practitioners. Bentley is a proponent of &quot;contemplative prayer&quot; which is tied to eastern meditation and spirituality. That would explain some of the things he says, does, and manifestations seen in this revival.<br />
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The problem is that Bentley's doctrines and actions do not line up with God's Word. He promotes angels and the supernatural. He even claims that is what God has commissioned him with. Since when did God want his servents to promote angels and signs and miracles instead of His Son, Jesus Christ? No mention of sin, repentence, or the need for His sacrifice and resurrection.<br />
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Sign's and wonders do not determine the message is of God. The bible is the final authority to determine if someone is of God. <br />
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And angels of God always point to Jesus Christ. They do not promote themselves or anyone else. <br />
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So the big question is can a man who has occultic/demonic encounters and claiming they are of God be teaching Truth? I think these videos will help show that this &quot;revival&quot; of false signs and wonders is not of God.

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