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Plant Ministries - Club Brasil 2008 Missions Day 3

This is the fourth video in the series. The Team spends the day, street witnessing, door to door evangelism, encouraging the church family and ending the day with a worship service. In all there are 6-7 worship services nightly in the surrounding communities where church plants exist in Cuiaba. This service is from the Imperio community. <br />
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Enjoy the music of Chris Tomlin's &quot;Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone&quot;)&quot; as you watch.<br />
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Thus far Plant Ministries has planted 9 churches surrounding the city and plan to begin the work to plan 2 more churches during this visit.<br />
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Each summer, Plant travels this area for a 3 week mission trip. The first half involves Evangelism, partnering with these churches witness to the neighborhoods surround their church by door to door witnessing, street ministry, sharing in the local schools and assisting in worship services each evening. The second half of the mission trip involves a second team, with medical professionals and volunteers to offer free medical assistance to the church families and community as well.<br />
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This video is Day 3 of the Evangelism journey documenting the daily activities and attempting to get it online and to the world as soon after it happens as possible. In essence, this could be called a &acirc;��real-time&acirc;�� or &acirc;��near real-time&acirc;�� Mission Trip.

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