A RIDE: jerusalem to Bethlehem ^^^dec 24, 2007 -aprx 5:30 pm

A RIDE: From jerusalem to Bethlehem***dec 24, 2007 -aprx 5:30 pm--- Its five miles from jerusalem to Bethlehem. ^^^SEE: Temple walls, The jaffa Gate(The David Gate or Beloved Friend), The streets of jerusalem and Bethlehem,The Traffic, Local Busses, Israelites
Woman and Men Soldiers, West Bank Walls, a tunnel; and on this day, in Bethlehem- still; there was no room in the Inn St. Luke 2:7 ^^^ EZekiel 36:35 This land that was desolate has become like the garden of Eden... -The Bible ***julio C. Farfan-Video Editor
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