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Like a Tree Lyric Music Video by Gospel Blues Singer/Songwriter, Kimberlee M. Leber

"Like a Tree" Official Lyric Music Video - Click here to listen to more songs from Kimberlee M. Leber's, "Like a Tree" album.

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We sincerely thank 351 Studio for the production of the "Like a Tree" lyric music video.

"Like a Tree" is the title track off the new album of Gospel Blues Singer/Songwriter, Kimberlee M. Leber. The song lovingly shares Kimberlee's life story intertwined with her husbands' - how they met in church and were married, how they have grown together over the years in Christ throughout the different seasons of life, and most recently celebrated their 20th Wedding Anniversary, continuing to bear good fruit, especially with the birth of this new album, their CD baby, "Like a Tree". The song captures the essence of Jeremiah 17:7-8, which describes a Christian being like a tree that trusts in the Lord, thereby growing constantly and always producing good fruit for the Kingdom of God.

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