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Sorrow and Selfishness
How can you begin to shift your focus away from self-reliance to reliance on Christ?

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We are living in the last hour before the Coming of the Messiah!
This documentary film is a Mandate from Heaven expressing the authentic heart of the Father. Many are called but only a few are chosen. Will you accept the call of becoming a Ambassador for the Messiah?
This is a must see film!
Featuring Sid Roth, Rabbi Eric Carlson, Jonathan Bernis, Chief Anne Richardson, Raleigh Washington, Russell Evenson, Wade Trump, Kokeb Gedamu, and many other leaders from all over the world.
God's word going forth to the Nations!
"Ambassadors for Mashiach" will change your life forever.
Produced by Kevin Chamberliss
To obtain a copy and learn more visit:

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