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The Dangerous Culprit
In what areas of your life have you been struggling with temptation?

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Celebrate Jesus! Christmas Is Born!

Words and Music by Fred Riedel Kim Riedel Rory Riedel - Please Read Luke 2 -Matthew 2- LYRICS- 1- Mary had her baby, in Bethlehem, in a stable, no room at the inn, our King arrived, near early morn, that was the day, Christmas was born. CHORUS- Celebrate Jesus on Christmas day, Worship our King, forever He reigns, Praise God our Savior, who we adore, Celebrate Jesus, Christmas is born. 2- Wise men followed a star, to Bethlehem, right to our Savior, they bowed to Him, worshiped our King, Jesus our Lord, Glorious day, Christmas was born.CHORUS- Celebrate Jesus this Christmas day Worship our King, Forever He reigns, Praise God Our Savior, Who We Adore, Celebrate Jesus, Christmas is Born, Celebrate Jesus! Christmas is Born!

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