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Looking Back
What steps can you take to help you remember what God has instructed?

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How Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Words And Music By Fred Riedel Kim Riedel Rory Riedel LYRICS - Thought I'd better get started, before i run out of time, Tired of losing always so far behind, How time flies, When you're having fun, getting in the race, before it's run, Still not to late, To walk with God's Son, Cause time sure flies, when your having fun, Didn't remember what i did, i must have done wrong, couldn't find my friends, oh where have i gone, How time flies when your having fun, I'm joining the race, before it's done, still not to late to walk with God's son, cause time sure flies, when you're having fun, where did the years go, while i was young, Didn't go by slow, now there almost gone, How time flies, when your having fun, Prayed Jesus forgive me, for what I've done, before it's to late, Gonna walk with God's Son, cause time sure flies, when you're having fun, time sure flies when you're having fun

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