Loma Linda 360 - Episode 8

February 2008

- The Centennial Complex
In its centennial year of 2005, Loma Linda University entered a new era of growth, innovation, and touching the world. The significance of this lies not in the addition of a new building. Rather, its significance resides in what the buildings and their unique contents and design will enable the University to do. See what Loma Linda's newest addition will be like once completed in 2009.

- The Medical Simulation Center
This state-of-the-art facility will soon be housed in the Centennial Complex where high-tech robots give students valuable practice at medicine.

- The Malawi Project
LLU students are partnering with Adventist Health International to bring assistance to Malamulo Mission. In the Southern region of Malawi, about 22 percent of pregnant women are HIV positive and approximately 10 percent of all HIV infections in Malawi are from mother-to-child transmission. In July 2004, Malamulo Hospital began a program to prevent the transmission of HIV from mother-to-child.

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