Complete Worship Service, First Presbyterian Church, Perkasie, PA 10/14/12 R Scott MacLaren

The Lord is risen and exalted! He rules with compassion and is a gracious Savior to all who call on him in truth. Join us as we gather together in the Spirit on the Lord's day to worship our glorious God. This video has the complete worship service of First Presbyterian Church in Perkasie, PA, on October 14, 2012. Our hymns are from the original Trinity Hymnal of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and our Scripture readings are from the New International (1984 ed.) and King James Versions of the Bible. Mr. Scott Roltsch (ruling elder) assisted in the service with the Scripture readings and prayers, while Rev. R. Scott MacLaren led the rest of the service. Our pianist and her husband were away on vacation, so the hymns were sung without accompaniment.

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