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Why is it vital for Scripture to be the foundation for what we believe?

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Christ's True Church has Traditions, not Sola-Scriptura

Have you ever been told tradition was bad? Tradtions in the Catholic sense is about oral teachings and their equal weight of authority. As an earlier protestant, I was taught that the bible was the only source of authority. This view is a protestant belief started by Luther in the 1600's via 'sola-scriptura', which protestants like to use because of the fancy wordings which really mean 'scripture alone'. We're about to look at apostolic traditions that are welcomed from that scripture alone.

When I first heard that the Catholic church kept tradition as well as sacred scripture, it was confusing at first. It was simply because I didn't know, and I overlooked it the bible. I can assume this for everyone else who grew up in today's protestant circles too. After you read these verses from your very own bible, it should become very clear that 'scripture alone' is a false teaching, which attempts to remove any apostolic tradition outside of scripture. Christ's church teaches through sacred scripture and by tradition. These are my notes on tradition while studying earlier.

From a simple, scripture-packed website for protestants to understand Catholicism.
Written by Phil, a former protestant of 30 years.

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